COOK CLUB culinary studio now open!

Cook Club is a place created out of passion for cooking and the desire to share it with others. Our studio is located in the FABRYCZNA 13 complex in Krakow, surrounded by office buildings and new buildings. It was inspired by numerous inquiries about the possibility of organizing culinary workshops in restaurants and in the CKF_13 conference center within the complex.

  • 100 m2 of usable space
  • 10 fully equipped kitchen stations
  • Cameras above the MASTER station with live streaming capability
  • Lounge space with kitchen library
  • Comfortable dining space accommodating 30 people
  • Possibility of individual arrangement for as many as 50 people
  • Opportunities provided by Cook Club:
  • for individual clients – calendar events (sign up through the website)
    Our range of events will include: culinary, bartending, creative workshops (culinary photography, ceramics, floral decorations/table decorations) combined with tasting, alcoholic tastings, food pairings (both with wine, strong spirits and cocktails).
    Events will be organized for all ages: family (caregiver+child from 2-7 years), children (8-12 years), teens (13-17 years) and adults (18-99 years).
    The workshops will be comprehensive. They will cover the scope of a particular region of the country/ingredient/diet, in such a way as to give the audience a wide range of information from a particular topic.
  • for companies
    An ideal way to integrate employees. The studio space can serve as a pleasant place for meetings, training for company employees. Possibility of organizing Christmas Eve and other integration and special events. We can host groups of up to 50 people – larger ones are welcome to other facilities in the FABRYCZNA 13 complex – restaurants: Pino, Nowa Wytwórnia, Destilo and to the Fabryczna Conference Center, which can accommodate groups of up to 1,000 people.Invite your employees to an extraordinary event that will strengthen ties and improve the quality of cooperation. You choose whether to prepare a joint four-course meal; compete in a culinary competition; quench your thirst at a DIY bartending workshop or sample fantastic wines at a sommelier tasting.
  • space rental – Would you like to conduct your workshops, but don’t have the space to do so? Would you like to shoot a culinary video, but don’t have the infrastructure? Do you dream of having a photo shoot in a culinary setting (or other)? Would you like to do a product/equipment presentation with the possibility to show its potential? Do you have other ideas? We are able to develop an offer for any form of event you would like to hold with us.
  • offer for schools and kindergartens – Culinary workshop for school groups is a fascinating combination of culinary adventure with learning and fun! During the meeting, participants will have the opportunity to cook at specially adapted cooking stations, under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.
    Our classes emphasize the use of all the senses, developing manual skills and self-reliance, as well as providing interesting information about products.
    The workshop menu will be individually selected for the group according to the preferences, age and skills of the participants.
  • Birthday parties for children
    A unique combination of culinary adventure with fun and learning! During the 2-hour event, children, under the guidance of our trainers, prepare a main course and dessert, which they later eat in our cozy dining room. At the end of the party, we celebrate with the birthday boy or girl by candlelight and sing “100 years”! Our offer includes a variety of world cuisines of varying degrees (we send a list of available menus after contacting us via the form).
  • Private events
    Looking for a place to celebrate events: birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries? Would you like to organize an event for a group: bachelor party, bachelorette party, for friends, family? We are for you! It’s up to you to choose what formula to implement: a meal served to your guests at the table, culinary workshops, alcoholic beverages, tastings or in the form of a competition. We can propose options for you according to your expectations. There is also the possibility of combining events: an event with us + lunch/dinner at a restaurant in the FABRYCZNA 13 complex. You decide what you need, we realize it. We look forward to hearing from you.