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A place that highlights the uniqueness of the complex is the Vodka Factory Museum. A trip through the multimedia exhibition, optionally ending with a tasting of original retro cocktails based on Polmos vodkas at the museum bar is an excellent form of learning about the history of the place, the secrets of production and the importance of alcohol in the Polish economy and culture.

Elements of the old factory's furnishings and hundreds of sentimental exhibits deftly woven into a modern interactive exhibition create a unique atmosphere worth feeling during a visit to the complex.

In the summer edition, the museum has planned a number of attractions such as a holiday field game, which disenchants the commonly known tour format.  Twice a week there will also be cinematic hits of yesteryear, and the cocktail themes used in them will inspire the day's offerings at the cocktail bar. There will also be opportunities to dance to live music on weekends.

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