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We have prepared the menus of all restaurants to delight you with their flavor and variety. In beautiful spaces you will eat specialties of Italian, Polish, Asian, vegetarian cuisine, drink great wine, fresh kraft beer from our brewery and excellent coffee.

Learn more about each restaurant, come and we guarantee you won’t leave even a crumb on your plate.

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Here it is good to meet over a beer. Fresh beer!  You can also eat well - because the modern cuisine we serve will go perfectly with this beer.And that's because we have as many as two hearts. One is immersed in malt and the other in pots.

Why is our Brewery so special? Nowa Wytwórnia is a MODERN space.

Discover a spot where you can feel the breath and atmosphere of a big city, industrial freedom. Freedom and lack of convention. Simply a good place to spend your free time.

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Welcome to PINO Factory - the newest addition to the Pino family of restaurants in the industrial part of Krakow, at Fabryczna 13.

Our beautiful resto, kept in a minimalist atmosphere, will win your hearts and palates right away.
Our menu consists of classics from all over the world with a modern twist: pasta, pizza, excellent meat and fish.

All dishes are prepared on the basis of original products, which we import directly from Italy, not forgetting about local suppliers from Małopolska.

The menu will not be short of brilliant antipasti and delicious desserts to complete the perfect evening.

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Destilo Restaurant is the most sophisticated one on Fabryczna 13..In the menu both all guests will find an exquisite interpretation of European & Polish cuisine.

Dishes served in art deco interiors will be a beautiful culinary journey to the roots of what is best in our cuisine. A selection of wines and strong liquors will complete the impression of the uniqueness of this place.

This is the perfect place to celebrate solemn moments, business dinners and other events that require an appropriate setting.

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Dozo Guest Nice!


No, we are not saying goodbye to you. In Japanese, "Dozo" means "you're very welcome," because here we invite you to enjoy a delicious shama from the farthest corners of South and East Asia.

We have a real Oriental, a cat, when it comes to good food, and we are quite serious when it comes to food. On other matters a little less so.

Everything is supervised by Yuzu The Cat and our superstaff, who are at your service.


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Our cafe was created out of love. We love coffee and we love flowers, because we believe that it is their aroma that best transports us to the world of small, everyday pleasures.

The intimate atmosphere of our cafe is a dream place when you want to stop time for a while, drinking a small black or a fluffy latte.

Just you and your coffee - a daily ritual you cherish in unique places. Start your day at Bloom Coffee & Wine. Have a blooming day!

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Utopia Vodka Bar-a cocktail bar that combines history with modernity, style and elegance.

The Vodka Factory Museum has just been established at the site of the legendary Polmos plant, with an integral bar area, which under the name Utopia Vodka Bar will host not only museum visitors, but also connoisseurs of vodka in various forms.

The historical background lends character to Utopia, and vodka is the theme here. In the museum visitors will learn about the spirit production process and be able to see authentic distillery machinery, while in Utopia we will present, among other things.

Utopia, on the other hand, will present, among other things, a modern version of Polish vodkas, in the form of original cocktails.

Utopia Vodka Bar is open to individual, business and visitors to the museum. On weekends, club music will be played here, the elegant interiors will be perfect during a pleasant evening with friends, and the catering facilities of the Fabryczna 13 complex will provide complete service during business events.

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The history of the place obliges! Meet at Bar 13 - the largest covered garden in Krakow at Fabryczna 13, which combines 6 restaurants in one place. You have at least 13 reasons every day to drop in here. We can fit you all in! What will you find at Bar 13? Excellent spirits - World-class bartenders and their proprietary cocktails Immortal classics - #TeamAperol Spritz vs #TeamOldFashioned Fresh krafts that we brewed in our on-site brewery - Nowa Wytwórnia. A perfectly comfortable and spacious lounge area with loungers and poufs!

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