Pizza, pasta, pad-thai or ribs? What do you fancy today?

We have prepared the menus of all our restaurants to delight you with their taste and variety.

In beautiful interiors you will eat Italian, Polish, Asian and vegetarian cuisine specialties, drink excellent wine, fresh kraft beer from our brewery and excellent coffee.

Find out more about each restaurant, come and we guarantee you won’t leave a crumb on your plate.


It’s a good place to meet for a beer. Fresh, kraft beer. You can also eat well – the bon-modern cuisine we serve will go perfectly with this beer.

And that’s because we have two hearts. One is immersed in malt and the other in potables. Why is our brewery so special?

Nowa Wytwórnia is a MODERN SPACE. Discover a place where you can feel the breath and climate of a big city, industrial freedom. Freedom and lack of convention. Simply a good place to spend your free time


Ciao Amici! Welcome to PINO Italia, the Italian version of the Pino family restaurant. In the industrial part of Krakow, at Fabryczna 13, we have enclosed a little Italy – reaching for what is best in the cuisine of this country, and what is most loved on the Vistula river.

Our beautiful resto, kept in a minimalistic climate, will immediately win your hearts and palates.

Our menu consists of classics from the Apennine Peninsula: pasta, pizza, excellent meat and fish. All dishes are prepared on the basis of Italian recipes and products which we import directly from Naples, not forgetting about local suppliers from the Małopolska region.

The menu includes brilliant antipasti and delicious desserts which will complete the perfect “dolce vita” evening.


Destilo Restaurant is the most sophisticated one at Fabryczna 13 In its menu all guests will find an exquisite interpretation of Polish cuisine.

Dishes served in art deco interiors will be a beautiful culinary journey to the roots of what is best in our cuisine. A selection of wines and spirits will complete the impression of uniqueness of this place.

It is an ideal place for celebrating solemn moments, business dinners and other events that require an appropriate setting.


Dozo! Nice guy!


No. We are not saying goodbye to you. In Japanese, “Dozo” means “you’re very welcome”, as here we welcome you to a delicious shama from the farthest reaches of South and East Asia.

We have a real oriental cat when it comes to good food and we are quite serious when it comes to food. In other matters a little less.

Everything is supervised by Yuzu The Cat and our superstaff, who is at your service.



Zielony Stół is a bistro where vegetarian cuisine is the new opening. It is a beautiful and natural variety. Fresh, aromatic, combined in an original way.

It’s a taste that has texture, colour and a finish that stays with you for longer. These are dishes for those who want to eat something delicious and at the same time – take care of their daily balance.

At Zielony Stół we show that vegetarian cuisine is an exciting culinary journey. And thanks to our chefs – you will never get bored and will move to another veggie dimension!


Our café was created out of love. We love coffee and we love flowers, because we believe that it is their aroma that best transports us to the world of small, everyday pleasures.

The intimate atmosphere of our café is a perfect place when you want to stop time for a moment, drinking a small black coffee or a fluffy latte.

Just you and your coffee – a daily ritual that you cherish in unique places. Start your day at Bloom Café & Wine.

Have a blooming day!