Exhibition of sculptures by Iwona Lys-Dobradin at Fabryczna 13

Fabryczna 13 invites you to meet art! The exhibits on display in our complex are by Iwona Łyś-Dobradin – a graduate of the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Living and conducting artistic work in Poland and the United States, whose works have been presented at many exhibitions.

The sculptures, which you can take a closer look at at Fabryczna 13, are mainly made of metal, but have a lot of warmth and positive energy in them. The artist talks about man and the world in a special way, she also seeks classical values: harmony, symmetry ☯️ and rhythm. Her sculptures are forms that are not entirely realistic, they are full of hidden symbols and meanings.

Find the interpretive key at Fabryczna 13.