37th ULICA Festival on Fabryczna 13

The KTO Theater and Fabryczna 13 invite you to performances as part of the 37th ULICA Festival. During the festival days, Guests of Fabryczna 13 will be able to see unique performances in the spaces of our arcade. From carefree clowning, marionette shows, through movement theater to breathtaking evening fire shows. There will be something for everyone at ULICA.

The 37th ULITA will feature dance and performance theater, both from the domestic scene and from abroad.

The festival will also feature acrobats, circus performers and jugglers. We will laugh to tears, admire downright unearthly tricks and talk about important and difficult things.

The performances will be free to see – everyone is welcome at Fabryczna 13. We invite you to learn more about the repertoire: